For Teams


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Easy CRM Features

Automatic reminders that sync with your calendar, automatic check-ins, note keeping, photo storage, custom fields, data filtering and sorting, and much more.

Sales Funnel

Create up to 8 lead stages to segment customers into. Track percentages and deal amounts as they progress through the stages.

Groups & Territories

Categorize your customers by product type, sales person, or drawn shapes on the map. Toggle layers on and off to target just the customer you want.

Auto Check Ins

Automagically check into accounts when nearby, or do so manually. Get a visual on who you need to check in with next.

Charts & Reporting

Download reports and charts on activity (check-ins, reminders, won deals, etc.) for your whole team or just yourself.

Teams Management

See activity from each rep in the field, share pins & routes, and control their permissions to edit information.